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Greetings from D & D Iron by Creative Iron Works & Metal Art Studio

Thank you for the opportunity to show you some of our creations, We strive and pride ourselves to offer the best blacksmithing and to have the best metal artists around. Our Creators’ mind is always looking for the next piece to create. He never can to a project that he can’t do. Everything we see is always a challenge not an obstacle, we put the same determination and pride in the simple projects that we do to the most difficult and challenging ones.

As you take the time to look through our work always think, is there something I can get them to create that would be a challenge, because we are always looking for something new to build.

As you can see in our pictures craftsmanship and quality are first on our list so when you decide to use us for your project you will know that you are getting the best iron and metal work that your money can possibly buy. There is absolutely nothing that we can’t build from carbon steel and most any other ferrous metals and alloys. So, when building your project for you, you can rest assured you are getting the finest product available. 

Thank you for your time and we hope you enjoy browsing our work, if you would like us to visit your project, please contact.

Yours sincerely,

Doshia Smith, Owner and Manager

About the Featured Artist, hear from Don


I was born with a pencil in my hand, I have always been an artist and had a fascination with building and creating. 

When I was 16 I was in a co-op class in high school and would get out a half a day every day to go to work. That’s when I went to work for a company that built Horticultural equipment. At first they had me doing the brainless work and it drove me crazy. I wanted to build…so after about a week of being there I stayed in the shop when everyone else went to lunch and I decided to try to weld. Something that I had never done before but I was fascinated with it and no-one wanted to show me. So, I decided to weld up a machine that had been tacked together. The first few welds looked great. I really had a hang of it until the machine ran out of shielding gas and I didn’t know any better “a lot of grinding followed…lol”  but it made the owner notice me and to see that I was more than just help. 

Within a couple of months I was building the most complicated and expensive equipment that the company sold. I was also put on the design and engineering team when new equipment was being designed I was one of the main designers and builders at the age of 17. During that time I would take little scraps of metal and build roses and other things. 

The first thing that I built that resembled ornamental ironwork was a tabletop picture frame. I built it to replicate a rose vine growing around a gate with the center of the gate as the area for the picture to be put in. 

It wasn’t but a few years later that I decided to start creating and building ornamental ironwork. 

From then until now everything has been a stepping stone to get me to where I am today. 

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Popular METAL ITEMS and ART Designed in the Studio

Stairs and Railings



When it comes to stairs and railing, we build those one-of-a-kind units. If you are wanting a unit that no one else can have, We have you covered. We can sit down together and create a unit that is inspired by you.  You can give us ideas of what you like and would dream of having. We will make your dream come true. If you prefer the traditional more straight forward or modern idea, we have you covered too. We guarantee our work is second to none. So, if you are looking for that special piece that would have everyone talking.. give us and call and let’s get started.

Sculpture in Railings



If you desire more than a standard set of rails and would like to create a one-of-a-kind master piece of functional art we can design and create your stair railings and balconies to be themed. Image if your thing is mermaids, we can create you as a mermaid sitting on the rocks as your newel post with the railings designed as a undersea theme. So, as you can see we can create anything you can dream. Let us create your dreams today.

Outside In

The oaks railing system is in a hunting camp that is 14,000 square foot. It is in a 10,000 acre high fenced private hunting camp. The owners wanted a unique one-of-a-kind piece. They wanted something to bring the outside in. This is the type of work our Creator' can do. He hit the mark!

Home Decor & Furniture



We offer custom hand-made built furniture, various home decor items and accessories to order dedicated to offering unique pieces. Design custom furniture handcrafted to fit. Change any size, and most colors or finishes. Includes most handmade hardware and installations, by Featured American artisan and Master Craftsman, Don Smith.

Entrance Gates & Fences



When it comes to gates and fences we can really make your yard have an elegant feel with a custom designed and crafted iron entry gate and fence. We design and build everything from scratch that way you have and entry unlike any other. We specialize in one-of-a-kind entries and fences. We also build the standard style fence and gate if that is what you prefer. Everything that we build is completely welded for no rust issues at any of the joints in our carbon gate units. Our stainless steel and aluminium gates are also welded fully for strength and durability. We hand craft in-house our custom gate and fence units to insure quality and durability.

Doors, Interior & Exterior



Our doors are also created as everything else we build. One at a time with attention to detail. Our entrance door units are build two-inches thick with a fully welded body and steel casing complete with the threshold welded in place. We use welded hinges that are rated at 800 pounds each, which is more than adequate. For the decorative grille that protects the home and makes the units a security entrance on top of an elegant entrance, we can build them to your liking. No more having to settle for something that isn’t completely what you are wanting or are looking for.

For our interior doors, we can build them in any shape and design that you like. Wine cellar doors and pantry doors that give you that added elegance that you are looking for is built to your design. It doesn’t matter what it is. If you want it we create it.

Sculptures & Statues


One thing that we are really wanting to do a lot more of is sculptures. We really shine when we are able to let the true artist that we have can come to play. We really enjoy creating those pieces where people look at it and are puzzled as to how we did it. We  really enjoy building things out of iron to be as close to the real appearance as humanly possible. You will find we are really extremely meticulous of how things turn out and how everything has to hit the mark for us to be satisfied with it to be able to leave our shop and anyone get to see it. One sculpture that we are about to start is going to be a mermaid that we are going to use my daughter as the mermaid. We really enjoy creating visual art and sculptures. So, if you have ever wanted to build a fountain that is unique and totally built to your design and liking or have a pet that you would like created… please give us a call and let me create that special piece for you.

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